Sunshine in a Sea of Sulfer.
Brandon. Vermont. Why am I so Deaf at 22?
  • islandinthailand:


    fuck every single person on planet earth who says “well its her fault for taking those pictures in the first place” every time celebrity nudes are leaked. what the fuck? people are allowed to take pictures of their OWN FUCKING BODIES you dip shit….

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  • Send/suggest music for me to download

  • amen

    hoenikker, I’m behind on downloading a lot of stuff I should have ages ago. I have SDRE and At The Drive In queued up. Send me some others I should download?

  • Posture & The Grizzly
    Because I Got High
  • orangetimemachines:


    This song isn’t getting nearly enough love

    does posture and the grizzly have any other releases besides busch hymns? i really enjoy this and the only other thing i could find was a split with makeshift shelters that had 3 songs that were already on busch hymns

    Just the album and a few demos of songs that were on it. I’m think there’s some new demos in the works; j-nastywhat or piss-khalifa could tell you more on that subject. 

    Just listen to dickus69 in the meantime. 

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  • Finally got around to downloading Nirvana’s Incesticide. If you only ever listen to one Nirvana album, make it this one. 

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  • Weezer
  • sundays-end:


    "This is beginning to hurt, this is beginning to be serious"

    Weezer - Getchoo 

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  • Have A Nice Life
    I Don't Love
  • wakenever:

    have a nice life - i don’t love // deathconsciousness

    i don’t wanna live like this any more

    i don’t wanna live at all

    I met a dude from England last week who recommended I listen to more of this band. His first concert was My Bloody Valentine, so I’ll trust his judgement on this. 

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  • yessarahsmiles:

    i want a cute black and white striped tshirt help

    Steal one from a mime. 

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  • neonelephantintheroom:


    I found this on FB, please get back to me if you know the source so I can add it - thanks!

    The artist is Tony Toggles!

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  • Every time i see “jlaw” I think Jude Law. 
    I think my age is showing. 

  • Told Slant
    Ohio Snow Falls
  • alinktothemathrock:



    Whenever I see Told Slant on my dash I happen to be listening to them how weird

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  • soft-communism:



    this piece of shit costs 41 euros

    I must have it

    link it immediately i need it

    ❤☮☭folloш foя мoяе soft сoммцпisм☭☮❤

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  • My Chemical Romance
    I Never Told You What I Do for a Living
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